Questions about Distance Healing


Q) Does Distance Energy Healing Work?

1.   Reconnective Healing® is a no-touch energy healing modality. Since I act as a catalyst for the healing frequencies, a healing done distantly is as effective as in person, since energy is transmitted through the medium of thought and not  through physical contact.



Q)How Does it Work?

As a Person requesting  a Healing either for yourself or another person.

You are requested to complete and forward a registration form, providing me with a convenient time for the Healing Session. I advise you select a time when you are most likely to be awake. To get a conscious experience to remember try not be doing anything stressful, driving or handling heavy machinery at the time of your healing session.

On receipt of your payment, we will set up your appointment.

At the designated time, you will receive an Email from me reminding you about the healing session and an SMS if you have chosen to do so on the Form (I cannot guarantee receipt of SMS as there might be technical difficulties with service providers.

Sessions take approximately 30 Mins to an Hour.

On completion of the session, you will receive a mail from me notifying you that the session has been done. Your feedback is very valuable, so feel free to recount anything that you experienced during your session

Q) Is there anything that I need to do?

While receiving the healing, please ensure that you are in a relaxed comfortable setting. You are not required to do anything in particular, however it is more beneficial to your overall experience if you can, refrain from driving, handling heavy mechanical instruments or anything stressful.


Q) What should I expect during the session?

•Heat - sometimes energy changes result in heat being generated;






•A feeling of calmness

•emotional release (for example, you may have unexplained tears);

•momentary slight discomfort in different areas of the body;


•you may feel nothing; the session is still working.


Q) Can I request for a Healing for a loved one?

Yes. You are most welcome to request for healing for a loved one. In this case, please give me as few details as possible. For example just a name or "my mother, sister, friend". That is really all I need to know, The intelligence of the universe will take care of the rest.


Q) Does this have any side effect?

No. Reconnective Healing® has no side effects or cleansing reactions. The healing is holistic in nature and treats the whole body as one integrated unit and not a sum of parts. In fact, you may often find that even other areas of your life also gradually start improving.

Q) Can I continue with my medication / other forms of alternative therapy?

Yes. Reconnective Healing® is complementary and does not interfere with either your medical treatment or any other form of treatment that you may be using.

Q) I currently have a spiritual practice. Will I need to stop that?

No. Except I may may suggest temporary suspension / reduction of the practice till your session or sessions are over, simply because other energy healing practices combined with Reconnective Healing® have been shown in laboratory studies to have a diminishing effect on the intensity of the frequencies

Q) Is this religious / cultish?

No, It is very scientific. It is neither based on blind belief or faith.