The experience of a Distance Healing session is unique to each individual. Many people report intense sensations in their heart or brain initially, then a deep calming resonance as if everything is falling into place. Or as one person puts it. "A global synchronizing system for the entire body operating just below our conscious awareness".

 Remote or Distance Healing

Distance healing is the facilitation of an energetic stimulus to a person or animal in another location that will result in a shift of that person or animal’s physical, mental or emotional wellbeing.

I am here to facilitate the experience of this wonderful work for you.  I can work with you anywhere in the world through distance healing or in person.  Reconnective Healing® is more than energy healing as it expands into a new system of and light and information that is available to everyone. Once you interact with these frequencies you are forever changed.

When you purchase a gift of healing for a person or animal you automatically set into your awareness the self healing power that comes from empathy for another person.

By providing this service, Marianne Steele has no affiliation with and makes no endorsement of any religion or faith. I urge you to contact your physician and/or health team before trying any new therapy or health practitioner. If you do decide to receive a reconnective Healing@session, please notify your physician or health care team so that you and all healthcare practitioners may work together to help maximize your healing process.

Healing With Spirit

Channeling  your higher consciousness, your angels and spiritual guides combined with Distance Healing is the facilitation of a deep emotional and perhaps physical healing for yourself.


Below is information to assist you in getting the most of your session with me. 



Before you ever contact me for a session, your higher selves and guides have begun to prepare you and me to come to the session.

Write down any thoughts or ideas which come to you

once you have committed to have a session.


This is a trance channeling/Reconnective Healing® session. During our time together  your guides, my guides and higher entities or expanded consciousness may be present. I will be a catalyst for the frequencies of healing at the same time. 


 It is best to ask as many questions as you like of the guides until you have complete clarity on any given issue. Be as specific as possible with your questions. 

 It will be valuable to write down your thoughts and questions.


Ideally, try to be  in a comfortable position in a place you won’t be disturbed for about 30 min. to one hour.


What to expect when the session begins: 

You may feel physical sensations like tingling, heat or cold. Sensations of pressure or even slight pain. Or, you may notice nothing at all on your physical body but that doesn’t mean the healing frequencies are not reaching you.



 Plan to reserve at least 30 min to one hour.  


 Understand that for me it’s like listening to a conversation going on at a distance. I may get the gist but but not the details. So it’s good for you to have a recording of your session.


Recording Your Session: We’ll be using Skype or google hang outs and the session will be recorded. You’ll have access to the video call recording.


Post- Channeling Suggestions:

Listening again and again to your recorded session will give you more insight into the issues and events occurring in your life currently. 



It is best to listen to your session, take notes, feel what matters most to you. I also suggest transcribing  the session entirely and re- reading it often. If you have a personal power place, i.e meditation room, place it there .  Listening repeatedly to your session will deepen your connection to your own guides and your higher self. You’ll usually find ʻnewʼ information not heard during previous listenings. 


27,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days

The Gaia Connection

Reconnect your inner universe with the outer universe. The energetic lay lines of our planet can be seen as the planetary meridians.  No different than our own as pathways of energy. This session will bring into your awareness your full potential as a creator. 

20,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days

3 Distance Healing Sessions

Each healing is as unique as the individual; no two are exactly the same.
 Usually, one healing is all that is necessary however most people find that three sessions give them a better understanding of the full effect it has on their lives.

60,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days

Invincible Spirit

Invincible Spirit. This 3 month program will give your spirit new life and light and believe me, your friends will notice your new resonance and shine. This package includes:

6 Reconnective Healing Distance Sessions to open the door for your journey on your evolutionary path to the highest YOU. The non-local law of quantum physics applies to this work. Many have benefited from distance sessions and have been delighted to avoid the stress of travel. An appointment is established by contacting me, either by email or phone from wherever you are in the world to verify the start time The session then takes place and a second call is made upon completion so that you can give feedback about your experience.


The intuitive way to increasing your awareness and living from your instinctive nature. These sessions designed to develop your body and mind to synchronize to make the Reconnective Healing Journey. You will learn to unlock the secrets of your subconscious mind making your Reconnective Healing journey all the more recognizable to you in your daily life. As your life's purpose steadily unfolds, so do the answers to questions you've been asking; “what's my purpose in this life I have been given? What should I be concentrating on? How can I make a difference?” Reconnective Healing get’s you ready for this new journey of discovery. You will love what you reveal as you remove layers of time that have prevented you from being your best physical, emotional and spiritual self. You'll learn to chose the intuitive process becoming aware of the visible and invisible signs the universe is presenting to you all the time.Your mind body connection will become more sacred to you and you'll, “hear your body talk” to you. By keeping an “Instinct Journal” you'll notice the increase in your creativity as your imagination opens up. Believing in your insights becomes the new common sense to you. You'll have access to me by e-mail  and Skype for consultation, questions, and support every step of the way. This 3 month program includes over 3,5 hours of one on one time with me. Plus a FREE GIFT A  bound journal to record your Reconnective Healing Journey.

330,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days