You can live your life in a whole new way. A way that is filled with authentic communication with your higher self. A way that creates truly loving relationships that have meaning and bring you the joy of unconditional love. Raising your vibration physically, emotionally, spiritually and finally knowing and living your souls purpose in this lifetime.

Here's what people are saying.



I absolutely love working with Marianne. Her energy healing sessions are so powerful and each and every one helps me to regain my strength and I feel more awake afterwards. The last one was a little different and special indeed. Allowing my skepticism to stay outside and be open for the unknown, I had the chance to experience her channeling work. I had very specific questions in my mind and could ask them to be answered by the spirits - through Marianne. Spooky and yet awesome! There was not a single moment where I had doubts, that this wasn't real. I had a strong sense of sincerity and powerful harmony coming from Marianne. The answers were enlightening and encouraging. Apart from experiencing the healing energy, next time I'll ask some more questions ;-)

Thank you, Marianne, for your work and your open mindedness and courage to continue with this exceptional task.

Gisela Backe, Mannheim,

Hi Marianne, Thank you for the reconnective frequencies. 

 Reconnective healing® is a term that I thought sounded obvious at first glance, but when you described that you would be letting spirit speak using your vocal cords, I was very intrigued. At first, I thought I actually heard high frequency sounds vibrating up in the top of my head, and later I heard nothing, although you reassured me that they were continuing. I was able to ask specific questions to your spirit guide Erik about my spiritual path, and I was not disappointed (though it's funny hearing him with an accent!) Then you led me through a visualization to reconnect with my higher self, which gave me an interesting result, and a visual that I'll always be able to pull from in the future. 


  I told you I wanted a couple days to let it sink in, and I can say that I'm feeling much more confident and that there is nothing to fear. Thank you for your unique service to the world, and for your kind hospitality. I felt like I was a guest in your home coming for a cup of tea.

Jenny Foster, USA

I recently enjoyed a Reconnective Healing with Marianne and let me tell you, blown away!  I can honestly say I feel more focussed, Im sleeping better, I am getting up ready to face the day and I may even be experiencing some gentle pain relief.  If you have an opportunity to schedule a session with her, do it.  Do it as though your very soul begs you for it.  You will be so glad you did.  Thank you Marianne for your lovely gift, time and contribution to raising the vibration of this world one client/soul at a time and doing so beautifully. 

Colette Fletcher, Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Medium

Read the comments from the last webinar.

"This was amazing.  Thank you so much.  I enjoyed it immensely.    I can’t wait until the next session"

Twila, Hawaii, USA


I just had the chance to attend your webinar, Boost your Energy-

"Its beyond word what this creates in me, my connection to this kind of work is deep and its really reconnective, because it is - yes I have all what I need, including the heart connection, the body intelligence, the knowing that I had always the bravery to go back to this inner voice" -


Alexandra Lampe, Münster, Germany

Thanks! Wonderful presentation, well paced and specific!  Have to get to work, but wanted to say GREAT JOB!!


Karen Redd, California, USA

 Im Juli 2015 habe ich eine „distance-healing“ bei Marianne Steele erlebt. Das Telefonat davor war sehr einfühlsam und ich konnte alle meine Fragen stellen die ich hatte.
Von familiären Angelegenheiten etwas durcheinander und stark ausgepowert durch so manches im Alltag und in meinem Unternehmen wollte ich etwas machen das genau für mich passt. Es war gut, dass es aus der Ferne geschehen konnte, da ich in Tübingen wohne und nicht so einfach zu Marianne gekommen wäre.

Während der einstündigen Sitzung machte ich es mir daheim bequem und spürte Wärme und absolute Ruhe, Verbundenheit und tiefe Dankbarkeit.
Zwischendurch erfuhr ich Helligkeit vor meinem inneren Auge und war oft sehr gerührt.
Körperliche Beschwerden änderten sich danach und Schmerzen waren weg.
Ich begleite Menschen ebenfalls, in ähnlicher Weise wie Marianne und ich konnte meine Klienten nach dieser Sitzung noch tiefer verbinden und sie in Herz und Seele erreichen.
Ich erlebe seit ich bei Marianne diese Sitzung genossen habe eine noch stärkere Wahrnehmung  für meine Mitmenschen in nah und fern und für mich selbst. Ich fühle mich getragen, verbunden und in meiner Mitte und bin Marianne sehr dankbar.
Auch jetzt nach knapp 3 Monaten kann ich noch immer wahrnehmen dass sich auch jetzt noch manches verändert.

Ich kann nur empfehlen, ob Frau oder Mann, sich selbst etwas Gutes zu gönnen und bei Marianne Sitzungen zu buchen. Gerade Unternehmerinnen und Unternehmer empfehle ich dieses „zu sich finden“ und Herz und Verstand für den Alltag zu vermehren.
Vielen Dank und alles Liebe für dich Marianne!

Eva Wörn
Gründerin von Atelier Erfolg und Wellness
Tübingen, Deutschland

Last year, I decided to work with Marianne, because I had the feeling that I had lost my unique drive, that my own source of energy was hidden somewhere inside of me and that I couldn’t get to it without help. The term ‘Reconnective Healing’ appealed very much to me and I thought to give it a try, because it could only get better from where I was.
Marianne has a very sensitive way of working with her clients and when I arrived at her place, I instantly felt safe and could let go of the anxiety of not knowing what will happen.
The relaxing effect of just laying in a safe and comfortable room, with the comforting feeling that Marianne is there for me – and just for me – was already a special treat. And then I experienced an intense shift of energy! All of the sudden I felt something like an explosion of happiness inside of me! It was awesome. Like when I was a kid and I couldn’t help but burst into laughter. I was so relieved that I still had it – and that I’m now reconnected to this happy and joyful me again. The best part is that I can “pull out” this happiness anytime and anywhere just by remembering this experience of ‘Reconnective Healing’. Now I can be certain that I don’t lose it – myself – again.
I would certainly recommend Marianne for her energy work to people who feel scattered, who lost their inner focus and want to get in touch with their inner strength, their unique energy again.
Thank you Marianne!

Gisela Backe
Founder and Designer
Evolving You Art Design, Mannheim, Germany

 I am always looking for ways to optimize my life and get rid of negatives that hinder me from living life at a high quality level.
 I experienced  a shift of presence although I was lying still. A shift in my inner being as well as in my mind and consiousness. I was relaxed and at one point there was a blitz of light.
I would recommend this form of energy healing for anyone who is looking for inner peace and being focused. I do believe it could help to find the path back to ones inner circle.

Judith Janzen,Speyer, Germany

 Dr. Renee Moore
Dr. Renee Moore
Marianne´s Complete Transformational Healing Sessions are the perfect way to help you reconnect with the BIGGER you. The you that was born to go out and change the world.
I booked a Complete Transformational Healing session with Marianne because I was feeling a bit splattered with all of the work I have in my schedule lately and I needed to reconnect to my higher self, to my higher energy source so I can keep serving in a big way, my rapidly growing business.  In fact, I booked our session to start right after I held a 6 hour seminar for 10 entrepreneurs, and am soooo glad I did!
When we began the session, I was exhausted and felt like my energy was ALL OVER the place.  I felt like I had given everything out during recent weeks, and that I was literally not standing in my complete power.  It felt as if my energy was low, and vibrating on many different planes, none of which were centered. 
During our session, I had the most amazing experience, one I never expected.  I could literally feel Marianne working with my energy to get it centered again.  I could see and feel new levels of creativity as my energy was literally being realigned back into my body.  I reached a state of total peace during our time together, and reconnected with my higher power.  I emerged with my energy completely realigned and one a single plane again… a powerful reconnection on every level: physically, emotionally, spiritually. 
Right after our session, I met again with my entrepreneur customers, and several asked what had happened in the last hour, because they said that even my eyes looked so different…relaxed, rejuvenated, and focused. 
I am still feeling things shift as a result of our session- I feel much more in touch with my center and I am using it to bring more creativity into my business and into my life. 
I recommend Marianne´s Complete Transformational Healing Sessions for busy professionals, especially if you own your own business. She will help you tap into your highest level of creativity and to restore your energy so you can reach more higher levels in your life. 
Marianne´s Complete Transformational Healing Sessions are the perfect way to help you reconnect with the BIGGER you. The you that was born to go out and change the world.
Thanks, Marianne!
Dr. Renée Moore
Creator of Business Beyond Borders
Deidesheim, Germany
Christa Nehls, Mannheim Germany
Christa Nehls, Mannheim Germany

Als ich Marianne traf, war ich nicht sicher, ob ich mich überarbeitet hatte oder nicht. Die Arbeit lief nicht mehr so aus der Hand, wie ich es mir wünschte und gewohnt war. Vieles machte Mühe. Meine Leichtigkeit und mein Antrieb waren verloren gegangen.

Sie wirkte so ruhig, so sicher und beständig. Ich hatte das Gefühl, mit genau ihrer Art unterstützt sie mich in meinem Fortkommen. Das Thema an sich weckte schon ein sanftes Misstrauen in mir: „wieder so ein esoterisches Zeug.“ Aber bei ihr war das anders, sie lebte, was sie sagte. Es wirkte alles authentisch an ihr. Und so entschied ich mich spontan, auf mein Bauchgefühl zu hören und eine Session bei ihr zu buchen. Und schnell wurde daraus ein ganzes Paket: „Reconnective Healing

Seit ich mit Marianne gearbeitet habe, ist meine Energie unerschöpflich. Schlaf wird immer wieder zur Nebensache, phasenweise brauche ich ihn nur in homöopathischen Dosen. Wenn ich müde bin, lege ich mich kurz zu einem Nickerchen hin, was ich früher immer übergangen habe. Sofort bin ich wieder fit. Ich fühle mich getragen von einer sanften, beständigen und immer weiter nach vorne strebenden Energie. Meine Kreativität ist unerschöpflich.

Zwischenzeitlich wurden schon viele meiner Freunde auf meinen neuen „Zustand“ aufmerksam und wollen selbst unbedingt zu Marianne, um Reconnective Healing zu genießen. Und ja, ich empfehle Marianne immer weiter. Wer an die unendlichen und unerschöpflichen Kräfte und die Weisheit des Universums glaubt und darauf vertraut, wird hier seinen Turbo-Booster finden.

Christa Nehls, Mannheim Germany


 I always like to try different kinds of therapies or techniques to center myself and when I read about Marianne’s Connective healing sessions I decided I wanted to try that for myself.
Before the session I had been working and so I had been concentrated on my customers, not on myself. The energy I had was mainly mental.

During the session, I felt warm in some parts of my body, and I also felt some inner shifting and posture changes. I also saw some images during the healing session.

Yes, definitively! I feel relaxed, connected and my eyes have a totally different glow than before the session. I feel present.

I recommend a Reconnective Healing session for anyone who wants to experience this healing technique and end up feeling an incredible amount of energy and a connection to his/her inner self. Thank you Marianne!
Mara Hummel

Reawaken your power and live your inspired life

Paige Gruner, Arizona USA
Paige Gruner, Arizona USA

When I started the reconnective healing sessions, I wasn’t sure what to expect, what I would gain from them, or how it really worked.


After my first session I realized the impact it had on me almost immediately. I felt inspired about numerous aspects in life and was able to listen to my thoughts without interruptions, enabling me to think and feel freely.


 Marianne, through her sessions, has helped me find ways to cope with stress and take action instead of reacting to certain circumstances.


 After my sessions I feel invigorated, strong, and so happy.



After about three months worth of sessions I am able to control my stress levels, realize what’s important in life and have found a love and a passion for multiple outlets that I want to explore more of on a daily basis. I realized what I want to do in life and where I want my life to go and to take me. I want to travel the world, I want to do what I love everyday, and I want to be surrounded by happy, supportive, and positive people that I love and care about. So far I have found that a lot of what I want is actually happening in a natural and organic way.


If you are at all curious about trying Marianne’s distant reconnective healing sessions, I urge you to give it a try. I have experienced so many benefits from it and can promise you won’t regret it.


Marianne is truly a talented professional, with a gift that not many people have. She can heal people and bring out the best in each individual, she will allow you to learn more about yourself and dig deep into what it is that truly makes you special and unique. At least for me this is what I have found, it will be different for everyone, but I guarantee you will have a wonderful, eye opening experience with Marianne that you will cherish forever.

Paige Gruner, Arizona USA

Marianne is a fascinating personality and you will experience this the minute you meet her.
Having lived in the Asia-Pacific region myself for many years, I believe in the power of Asian healing methods and feel this is beneficial for everyone, even if you have no health issues.
Therefore I have tried some methods purely out of curiosity like acupressure, TCM and recently a Reconnective Healing session.
I was very impressed with Marianne’s work and recommend a Reconnective Healing session for anyone who would like to experience a deep relaxation which will help you to gain even more energy for your daily life.
Stephanie Skala,
Intercultural & Clinical Operations Expert

Marianne hat mir Reconnective Healing als Fernbehandlung gegeben. Ich kann definitiv Folgendes sagen: Seitdem Reconnective Healing in mein Leben gekommen ist, beschleunigen sich die Dinge. Endlich entwickelt sich alles zum Guten. Es passiert nicht innerhalb von ein paar Wochen, aber es passiert!
Ottilie Schawe, Tandern

 Reconnective Healing ist ein Geschenk der ganz besonderen Art.
Dies zu erleben, war für mich einzigartig und wann immer ich es brauche, kann ich es spüren.
Glücklich. Ich danke Dir von ganzem Herzen.
Alles liebe für Dich - Gertrud

When 0800 rolled around I felt an intriguing itch-like sensation at the top of my feet, and indeed some very minor muscular twitches occurred, mostly in my extremities. I feel asleep, albeit briefly, and immediately saw a painting, a very simple work in a style resembling Japanese minimalist art, as if the small house in red and black on a white background was a form of kanji. A small window on the hut allowed one to look through onto another window in the back, which presented a view of a slightly distant blue body of water which I took to be the sea. The entire scene, simple as it was, inspired serenity, and an inner voice told me "This is where the artists are."

This has stayed with me ever since. Additionally, I noticed the pain in my knee has substantially reduced, without the aid of analgesics. Thank you very much for your time and help. I shall keep you aware of what occurs subsequently.

Rick Steele Actor, USA

 Leela has been healing to the life of a dog with rapid progress. Every day this sweet girl just recently found anorexic and malnourished.

I know that Leela's rapid healing has much to do with  Marianne Steele's compassionate quest to aid Leela through "Reconnective Healing". This is such a positive, good-will, empathetic all encompassing energy frequency to transmit the universal healing intelligence to the one in need - be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or on any other level.
...very good news...NamTAn no longer chases chickens and has settled in to her new temple home and there were no incidents with her while I was away. I am sure it had to do with your calming healing energy!  Also, Daeng's blood results came back yesterday and they have all returned to normal...

Joy Huss, Hand to Paw, A Temple Dog Outreach Program, Mae Rim,  Thailand

The journey is profoundly powerful. Discover yourself, gain access to your true nature, live in wholeness, creativity and light.